AppJet is marvelous
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back 2008/11/26 22:44

AppJet is marvelous

Since 2 days, I play with AppJet. It's a fabulous web platform. It lets you code a webapp (and not a toy), in a kind of IDE in the browser. It's really interesting how all is working well. In a simple browser, you can start to code your web app. You can see, in live, the result. You can use a "lot of" libraries (persistant storage, http get, facebook and some nice tricks). And they are well documented !

The language is a sort of SSJS (Server Side JavaScript), so it's easy to code client side or server side without switching. AppJet let you host your app in their servers, with a 50MB free storage (with domain name too). Or you can run your own, with an appjet java1.6 runtime which is downloadable. Sources of all hosted apps are available, and clonable. Really useful to find some helps/tricks.

Another incredible thing it that guide to learn to program, which is intended for masses. You can interact, in live, with little examples. Really nifty !

I like a lot, and find it very useful to test some things, or to setup quickly a pipe, a tool, ... in a simple browser. It's really amazing how it's so simple and so powerful too.

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