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back 2009/12/13 23:06

Some private news

Since some days, I play a lot with go, and I find it very pleasant for a static typed language. It brings some really interesting things. I won't switch from python to go. But it's really amazing !

I do a lot of private/hidden things. I'd built my own http-proxy (thru https) on a GAE account, to be able to surf everywhere from my job ;-) (but I won't give you the url, because I don't want to be blocked from webwasher). It's amazing, and it works great.

I've made a GAE site, to be able to code python webapps in a browser (it uses the marvellous editarea editor). It's really amazing and fun to use : it let me code python in any browser. It's a little bit as the old appjet system. But I don't know yet if I will push the concept for everybody.

And I'm working on a packager system, which works where python works ! Mainly to be able to release package which will work on linux and/or windows. It's a little bit as app-get(debian) : build/install/remove works. But I'm working on pre/post scripts, to be able to do a little more. I don't know yet if I will release it, or use it ;-). It's just for fun, because I'd never developed this kind of thing before, but I think it could be interesting in some places.

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