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back 2009-09-09 11:50:40

Talking to my site

In the past, I made a sandy-like robot which worked only by email (thanks to smtp2web service), using google calendar as backend.

In the past few days, I updated the code to let it works with XMPP too (thanks to new xmpp service on GAE). And for the fun, I'd added a http frontend too ;-). Since that, I've made some enhancements to add more commands (WakeOnLan, todo backends, ...), and let it looks like a real good robot.

And now : I can talk to my website (this one), by Email, by XMPP and by HTTP, using this same robot ;-)

In the future, always for the fun, I think I will add a twitter and a google wave backend. It's really interesting ;-)

Tags: gae
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