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Last edition : 2010-01-08 11:00:56.821007
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Future home of "wymypy2" : a mpd web frontend.

old site was here

[WyMyPy] is a strange story. Its name stands for "Web Y Music Y Player in pYthon", and it's a project I started in 2006, to manage my collection of music with mpd. There was some simple public releases in the past, during 2007. But a lot of enhancements were never released, during 2008. In fact, it's surely the python homemade app I use everyday ! And some weeks ago, I wanted to add a new feature, but a lot of things/technos have changed since the beginning, and I wouldn't take the time to update wymypy to use modern things. So I started to developp a version2 from scratch ! Things that boring me : * wymypy1 used 'mpdclient.py', an old python backend for mpd which is fat and not maintained anymore * it used a lot of selfmade javascripts code * the plugin system was not perfect, and code was melt with presentation (html/javascript).

With wymypy2, this things goes better : * wymypy2 use the official mpd backend "mpd.py", which is clean and maintained. * jQuery brings a lot of cool things. And I can use taconite for rendering ajax methods. * tempita is used to make things better * and the plugin system is a lot more powerful !

The result is amazing : easier, most powerful, quicker. And most of all, the result is not really tied to mpd. The framework behind, could be used to make some webfrontend with lot of ajax/json things (perhaps I should release the framework ?!)

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