aed/py3 and vbuild
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back 2018/10/21 11:15

aed/py3 and vbuild

Big day ... my aed thing is now fully py3 compliant.

So I can host, a fully featured demo of vbuild ;-)

Now, I need to migrate my app engine aed things from py2.7 to py3.7, before the end ... no pressure ;-)

EDIT 2018/10/28

One week later : I've got one which runs on AppEngine with python37 ! Although everything has changed : a lot of apis are not availables ;-( (wtf?!). The migration from ndb to google-cloud-datastore was relativly easy. (Need to implement the google auth).

EDIT 2018/11/03

One week later : 7 instances (including 2 gae) of my aed thing is now powered by py37 ;-)

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