Aed to pye, and redys !
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back 2018/11/30 16:00

Aed to pye, and redys !

A lot of changes since my last post ;-)

First, I found a name for my "aed things" : it will be pye (like PYthon Engine), and because the "E" means "3" too (in leet speak) : it means 3 because it's the third version, and because it's now python3 only. I'll hope to release it next year (but the place is defined here);-)

Secondly, all my aed/pye instances are now running on python3 ! And this site was the last to migrate (a lot of works, because it uses a lot of ndb's apis, which are not availables on "gae python37 second generation" ... so I needed to use gcloud datastore api ;-( ... and here (you can't see them) : there are 3 services to migrate ;-)

BTW, pye with starlette (asgi thing) is great, with web sockets support, long running process, background tasks ... a lot of new things are now available for me (except on GAE, because websockets are not available yet) ... no more bottle, because it's not asyncio ;-( ... But I needed to adapt the starlette's request to the bottle's request, to be compliant with all my instances ;-)

I've made my pixel thing using pye, and websockets, with 4 workers. I needed to communicate between my process workers, to share the "events" (IPC communcations). First version used redis ... but I have created my own redis-like for the occasion : it's named redys, a lot lighter and simpler ;-), it's full python3 asyncio compliant, and works like a charm in asyncio app like starlette or pye ;-)

This is the first post, with pye/python3 ;-)

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