Announcing WUY
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back 2018/07/21 14:57

Announcing WUY

WUY like "Web User Ynterface" (Y replace I, assuming that's a python thing, available on pypi ;-)

For now, It's a proof of concept .... but I will try to use it ;-)

It's a tool for quickly create an GUI for a python script, reusing the local browser. Communications between browser and server is thru websockets. It's easy to call the server from the client, and server can talk to clients thru a pub/sub mechanism.

It's a lot like the marvellous eel, but python3 only, using asyncio/aiohttp (without (the devil) gevent !)

I wanted to share it (and my vision of a "perfect" eel) ;-)

It's not production ready ;-), but it works (til now)

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