Big day for ibraining
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back 2008/09/01 06:36

Big day for ibraining

Two days after my last post. iBraining has now a reminder system, which works. It's able to send mail/reminder to any user which suscribe for. It's now features complete (like I wanted at the beginning ;-) ), until new ideas.

Sure, it's not GAE which do that, with its own limitations : no cron, no massmailer (only 3 to 5 mails by minutes are allowed). I had setup another web service on alwaysdata (wonderful python hosting service), which communicate with ibraining main site, in a restful way. It's a little bit complex, compare to a native solution, but a lot easier than if it was done on gae.

But it's a big day (and it's the 1st september). Users can now setup a "coach", to help them to train regularly. The next big thing is a new game.

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