brython, wyc and nim
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back 2021/10/24 10:16

brython, wyc and nim

There is no clues between theses ^^ But just a title to give some news ;-)

Recently, I tried brython, and now : I can't imagine coding client side without brython. This tool is marvelous. And it goes better and better (tried some years ago, when it was a toy). Currently, it's defenitively not a toy. But a real alternative ! And what a pleasure to use the same language on both side !

In the same idea ... I've released wyc, a python module to transpile python's classes to HTML Custom Elements (web components). So I can make web components in python. And can reuse them in client side, with brython or anything else. It's perfect. The standards are the ways ! (now, I can't imagine goes with vuejs or other js frameworks)

And Nim, which sell a bunch of promises ... was disapointing, for me (at first). I tried to redone my sudoku resolver with nim ... and seems to be 10x slower than python3 ;-(

EDIT: since, My nim version wasn't optimized ... Now, it's clearly faster than python3 ;-)

BTW nimpy is incredible ... you can make external python modules in seconds ...

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