From reqman to python components in vue/sfc file
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back 2018/10/04 16:37

From reqman to python components in vue/sfc file

At work; I used to use postman to test my rest apis. It was cool, but they were drawbacks SO I decided to create reqman, which is mainly a command line. And some people don't like that ;-) (BTW it saves my life every day, at works, at home, where it's scripted/scheduled to tests my rest apis/services)

So I decided to build a frontend. I did'nt want to use the classicals GUI python frontends. WHen I was looking for alternatives ; I found eel (which re-use a chrome installed app as frontend). Eel was great (but bugged (js and pyinstaller troubles), and not py3 likes reqman), So I decided to create mine : wuy (same concepts, but py2->py3, gevent-> asyncio, and a cool js/py frameworks to hide the socket between front & back)

Coming from web development ; I wanted to use VueJs things in wuy, so I built vbuild, to let me use vue/sfc component in wuy, to avoid to use a full node-js stack, just for a simple module like wuy.

And when making vbuild, I ask myself if I could make a kind of "python components", because I was already in a python VM : why not try to let use python component instead of js ones. My first attempts was very quick with pretty good results : and so, I create thoses python components in vue/sfc file with vbuild. (now my vuejs app on App engine use vbuild too, with my aed thing)

Now, I can concentrate on my reqman's frontend ;-), and others : I've made 2 or 3 GUI app using wuy+vbuild+vuejs, and found the stack very useful for that kind of thing ;-)

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