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back 2008/07/02 20:45

iBraining is new

A lot of changes on iBraining ! Yesterday I had pushed a new revision with lots of changes. The home page is lighter. In fact, a lot of "403 over quotas" were presents. So I decided to review completly the page, to make less database calls (it seems they are always presents ;-( ). A new game appears : "colors". And a new google adsense tower is now present on the page's right (need to pay the domain name and perhaps "more quotas" in the future).

I really need to profile my app, to avoid theses "over quotas" (I had already profiled it, but except the google api calls : I really don't understand where the real problem is). BTW, Google App Engine is really great.

update 21/07/2008 : no more 403 quotas exceeded. After some profiling I had removed problems.

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