Introducing PyPlaydar
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back 2011/12/04 13:46

Introducing PyPlaydar

Since I've got my squeezebox'es, all code I done it's related to my music server, or music hacking. I can nearly listen all what I want. There are a lot of python's lib to fetch content from grooveshark, pandora, lastfm, echonest or vk ;-) (Note : I should release my python lastfm client (yet another one) ! and my lua applet for squeezebox)

The last thing which interested me is playdar : a music content resolver. I never reach to run it, so I decided to create mine. Introducing PyPlaydar : a Playdar music server resolver. Currently, it resolves nothing ;-). It's just the implementation of the playdar protocol. But it's easily plugin'able ! It's fully compatible with current JS clients !

It use the latest bottlepy and the cherrypy wsgi server (all included).

At this time, I really don't know if I will push it. Currently, it helps me to understand how it's working. I'm trying to chain Playnode(a recent java one) and tomahawk, a smart music player which embed a playdar server.

I'd like to create a content-resolver playdar server for my squeezebox'es. But I don't know yet, if I will push it, because I already have this kind of feature (my own resolver).

Tags: squeezebox
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