Reqman, the postman killer
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back 2018/01/28 19:18

Reqman, the postman killer

reqman aspires to become the postman killer ;-)

Postman is a great tool. It's simple and well done, but it got a lot of flaws (the free version, never used the paid one) ;-).

First of all, you can't work with several people, let alone a source manager. You'll have to pay, to got this cloud feature (?!?). You don't have the headers inheritance. And scripts (pre-requests and tests) are not easy for everyone. And more than 70MB for just testing http requests is demoniac :-)

With python, and 150 lines later : I've created a first shot (not usable as is yet) which can do a little more easily. It has'nt got GUI, you describes your requests and tests as simple yaml files, and you can execute your tests against various environments (yaml config files too) in command line. Simple and functional.

Pure python (except yaml), no dependencies, a simple py file, and unittests included (74% currently).

Need to work on the front : the command line, and need to add examples, and docs !!! : and It will be ready for prime time. Stay tuned here !

Pull request are welcomes. Under GPL2 licence on github.

EDIT : 50 lines later, now it's usable ... docs and examples will come

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