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back 2015/11/04 18:31

RiotJs : I'm fan

It makes 5 deys since I've discovered RiotJS :-)

It's perfect (there are some glitchs, but nothing annoying). You can clearly concentrate on your code/app, and not fight with the framework. It's pretty convention over configuration (it's sadly not the case of angular2). It fits my brain, and I am clearly more efficient with it ;-). And it's pretty easy to use others js libs, without a wrapper.

I've started to recode with riotjs. So the angularJS version will never reach the online state ;-). I've redone all my game components in less than 8hours. Pretty nice :-)

And my chromebook, with caret, is perfect tool to develop with RiotJS (angular2 dev is more complex on chromebook).

Here is my first riot online app (it's nothing, coded in 20min). It's a scratchpad to code python things. It works offline, uses 4 buffers (saved locally), and CTRL+RETURN is a shortcut to run the code. Thanks to skulpt.

Tags: angular, ibraining
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