Sandy gives up
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back 2008/12/05 07:36

Sandy gives up

I'm sad. Sandy was a great web service, and really useful for me. She lets me plan my events easily, by sending mails to her. The 12/8 (in three days): she will give up definitively. She will work at twitter ;-(. Til today, there is no alternative. It's a shame.

The good news : I started to build my own. But I don't know yet if I will let my service available for everyone. It works (for me), and it's a little bit different. First, I use the great, which let me post a mail to an url. The content of the mail is analyzed by my own module (french only), and events are added to my own google calendar, with an email reminder (with the gcalendar quick add feature). The down side is that the reminder is sent by google, and I couldn't tell him to cancel or snooze the event ;-(. The good side is that I can manage events easily in my google calendar. In fact, it's just a google calendar front end, hosted on GAE. It was easier to do. I had planned my first real event this morning, and it seems to work ;-). I need to find a way to simulate todo tasks (recurrent events ?), and a way to cancel/snooze events by mails (by forwarding them ?!).

Edit 2008/12/06 : I've got my sandy back. It works very well with snooze function too (by forwarding the mail). And all in french, with real timezone. I always don't know yet if I will let others sign in (perhaps a private beta) ...

The big drawback : does people want I have full access to their google calendar ? (but you could revoke grant access at any time from a google console)

Btw, now, my own test module(which I should upgrade/correct) use wobpy too.

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