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back 2008/08/30 07:49

Some news

Google had just released a Google App Engine Cookbook, and I had added a recipe How-to put any python object in a DataStore ;-), and find a lots of usefull tricks.

I really need to release a version of jbrout 0.3, which use exiv2, with the pyexiv2 python bindings. Just need to find the time !

I've got a new secretary : sandy ;-). I really like the concept behind this appointment/reminder service. You can manage easily your appointments by mail. It's just what I needed. And the best thing : you can snooze a reminder ;-) (which is boring on google agenda)

I really love the apis of google. Here is a simple translator using the google translate javascript api. It's amazing how it's simple.

Except that, ibraining is updated each week. Recently, new modal popups, new graphics ... And in a near future : a new game. And perhaps a way to set a reminder to remember to play regularly (But GAE doesn't allow to send more than 5 mails by minutes ;-( )

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