The Recalbox is perfect
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back 2017/03/19 15:13

The Recalbox is perfect

I always like retro-gaming. I've started with mame on pc, bought a dingoo a320, and 4 months ago : I bought a RaspberryPi 3b to try recalbox. It's just a linux based os for emulation, with simplicity in mind ! (and it's french project!).

It's really pleasant to play metal slug, with a ps3 gamepad ;-)

Although it's really easy to setup. It could be a pain to run some arcade games (can be hard to find compatible romsets). The simplest way is to download a ready-to-use image disk like this one "Brevit Games - Recalbox 4.0.0 Final 32GB 23 Sistemas 7000 Jogos" (you can easily find it as a torrent, google is your friend). It's a 18go zipped file which contains a 32gb image disk. But this one was made with a window [free/share]ware : imageUSB from PassMark Software ;-(. It should be really easy with a window desktop.

But it's easy to create your 32gb micro sdhc with linux. Just extract the content, and type :

sudo dd if=<fullpath_to_the_bin_file> bs=512 skip=1 of=/dev/sdX

Just replace the /dev/sdX with the path to your device, which should be unmounted ! (first time : I tried with the usb device mounted, and it fails at runtime (lot of file errors))

For info : the imageUSB's bin file is a proprietary format, but it's simple, according to this thread it just contains a 512bytes header ! So we only need to skip this block with "bs=512 skip=1".

Hope it could help someone ! (really hard to find the info, for me, so I release it)...

EDIT : It works great ! Just need to re-configure the WIFI, the gamepads, to update to the latest final (4.02). And change language to french. Regarding this compilation, there are some roms which don't work (many lynx)

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