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back 2018/09/23 15:36

vBuild & buzz

Yesterday, I released a simple module on github : vbuild, and pypi. I use it everyday, since 3 or 4 years, but decided to release it for everybody.

I tell it on r/python and r/vuejs and hacker news ... and created a real debate ;-)

Currently, I was 139 starred on github, making it my first project ... awesome ;-)

It's just 100 lines of code ... but they seems to be useful for others people.

The main problem that vbuild resolves is here. If you want to use SFC .vue components, in your vuejs app : you have no other option that to use webpack/nodejs stack on dev platform ! Really frustrating ! With vbuild : you can use 5 lines of python code to do the same kind of things : use ".vue" sfc in your app. That's all ! (btw it provides its own js-minimzer (via online tool))

vuejs (hey Evan You !) should really consider to offer others options (like that ? compiled at runtime)

BTW, vbuild let you build big wuy app easily (with vuejs and vue files). I use it in my aed thing, where it's clearly not possible to use nodejs stack ;-)

EDIT 2018/10/04

To feed the buzz, announces of python component was here r/python, r/vuejs and HackerNews

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