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2015-10-15 12:17:05

First Angular2 tests ;-)

Got it ;-)

It wasn't so hard. The main trouble was to aggregate all mixins informations about angular2/angularjs/es6/es5/typescript/dart ... and babel or not ;-)

I choose to test with ES5, without syntaxic sugars (like new decorators) of ts/dart/es6 ;-(. But I wanted to make a simple component like I made a simple controller with classic angularJs/javascript(es5).

Here it is one :

    <script src=""></script>
    var AppComponent = ng
        .Component({selector: 'my-app'})
          template: "<h1>Hello {{name}} </h1>" +
                    "<li *ng-for='#i of list'>{{i}}</li>"+
                    "<button (click)='add()'>Add</button>",
          directives: [ng.NgFor]
          constructor: function () {

            this.add = function() {


First impressions:

  • It's really component oriented. Bye bye controllers : It's a good point. It make me think of ReactJS. (Is angular2 = best of angularJs + reactJs ?)
  • I don't like theses new syntax chars (*/#/()/[]/...) in html/template side.
  • I really like how all tie together. I think it should be really easier to learn it, than the good old angularJs.
  • Angular != AngularJS

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2015-08-31 13:17:36

ChromeBook owner

Am I a google addict ?! Perhaps... So forget all what I'll say ;-) I've just bought a 11" ChromeBook (Acer cb3-111, 2go/RAM+32go/SSD), but I don't know why ;-) ?! I've already got an ubuntu desktop, an android tablet & a big phone ... and 2 eee-pc (remember the 701 & 901).

The 701 does a nice NAS Job 24/7, and the 901 is waiting the death of the 701, in a shelve. The tablet is pretty good to surf, and casual gaming. But this chromebook should take the place between the ubuntu desktop and the tablet : but ... no.

Games are a lot better on the desktop, or on the tablet/phone. Coding is a lot better on the desktop, and really poor on the chromebook when offline (except to develop html/javascript/angular app).

So the chromebook is just : a simple, cheap, silent, efficient machine to surf/use the web. It's good at ssh/sftp distant machines too, at desktop remoting, at chromecasting tabs/desktop. It's amazing, but strange.

I should test/install crouton (chroot/ubuntu)... But I'm not ready yet ;-(

edit : I've tested chromebook dev mode (with its warning and annoying boot screen) : I could not live with this ! So, no crouton, no chromebrew ... and no python ;-( ... I will try to live without it, and with all workarounds solutions ;-( (pythonanywhere, skulpt, etc...). I will keep the real chromeos ...

edit : Coding with is just perfect ! Highly configurable (themes, editor's shortcuts, ...), root access and a lot of environnment available.

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2014-05-01 14:46:55

iBraining in the angular way

I'm totally mad ... I recode iBraining from scratch. This is a big job ;-)

It was coded with GAE/python25/webpy/mako/html4/jquery ... I go with GAE/python27/bottle/html5/angularjs. And it will target desktop and smart devices.

But i'm really a big fan of AngularJS, and can't imagine to continue without it ;-)

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2013-11-30 15:21:11

A single page html5 app

Here is my first public app : RestoDiv. With the hope it could be useful for someone else.

It should help you to divide a bill. You set the bill, and add groups of payers : it will divide it by group. An adult is a full part, a child is a demi part. A group can decide to pay by tickets : just hit the part of the group and set the amount for the ticket.

On small screens, swipe-right to remove a group (on bigger : a button is available for that).

It works offline, and should work on any smart(html5) devices (smartphones, tablets, smart tv, computers, ...)

I don't know yet if I will release a cordova/apk for the playstore.

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2013-07-05 13:05:14

Found my old site

I've just found my old site of me ... It was hosted on multimania : la vitrine de marco ! It's from the past century ! I'm really happy to have found that, thanks to qwant ... I thought it was dead, as multimania was dead ... A lot of links are broken ;-)

It was before the manella times !

The "WWW" has really changed (like me) ;-)

feel nostalgeek ;-)

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2013-06-14 06:51:23

AngularJS + WebApp on mobile platforms

Since my last post about android dev, times have changed ;-). I've made two mainstream apps. The last one reach the place #78 of the "top new free" on the playStore, during 1 day ;-)

Native apps are "fun" to developp, except the fact that I've never used newest widgets/api, cause I was targeting a large panel of android's versions. I've played a lot with Eclipse Env, and the play store console. It's amazing, but it's definitively not my cup of tea. What a pain to write so many boilerplate lines of code to make a so simple httprequest (java pain), or to parse a json object !

So, I'm back in the web development. I found something that is really interesting (and it sweet my needs), because it can cover every (html5-)platforms ;-)

Here is a recipe :

  • Take a good cloud platform, like GAE, to serve a website.
  • Code your backends using httprequests/json(p), in the CRUD style
  • Make your website with main html5 features : appcache, localStorage, canvas, workers, etc ...
  • Use and abuse of AngularJS in your html5 pages, to make a rich client side easily.
  • Code your look'n'feel with responsive design patterns (and css3), to adapt your screen to yours audiences.
  • Optionally, make phonegap bootstraps, to give better experience on some devices (ex: android, to remove the navigation bar of chrome ;-) )
  • Optionally, you can have access to peripherals thru phonegap/cordova.js.

So you can make (web)apps, which work offline (using localstorage) or online (using your json backends), which work on every platforms in the same manner, which are easier to re-deploy. Everything is not perfect yet, but it's definitively the way to go. Thanks to angularjs which provide a simple way (MVC) to create complex objects to interact with users (it's the perfect approach, while waiting for the webcomponents).

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2013-05-31 21:12:03

Blind changes

I've just migrated this account in HRD(High-Replication datastore) and python2.7 on GAE ! It takes me 2hours, with heavy sweating ;-)

You don't see the changes. But there is a lot of WSGI apps under my domain (and subs), with a lot of frameworks : aeweb, webpy, bottle, ... and templates engines ;-). It was hard to dive in my old one (aeweb) ;-)

BTW, the migration process is fairly well explained. The next one will be

So I will continue to test ...

BTW2, I really should update the look ;-)

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2013-05-08 15:03:09

Plugin totem flux, and frenchflux website are down

It makes a long time since I wanted to close these things. Now, they won't work anymore. In fact, the totem plugin was already broken with newer versions of totem. And the website was not able to reach all flux. (websites have changed their pages since 2008, and I've never take the time to update things)

Sorry for users ... If anybody want to continue this, mail me, and I could send you back the code of the website (app engine thing in python (it's just a scrapper which was providing rss feeds for the plugin)). The code of the plugin is included in the plugin, but should be adapted ;-)

I think you can go with miro now

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2012-11-18 09:51:41

I'am a nexus guy now

After buying a nexus 7 at the end of the summer. I'm now an happy user of the nexus 4. A great phone from Google, with a poor battery life (my Acer metal liquid was better). But I presume/hope it's a software trouble, because the optimus lg has not this trouble. Despite this, the android experience can't be better: the phone is marvelous. And android 4.2 is great, the new keyboard with swipe feature is perfect (this is typed from my n7). The nexus 4 is a lot faster than the 7: amazing. But I think I will root it to be able to decrease the power of the processor, to gain more juice :-) I really don't need all this power. I will wait for 4.2.1, to see if it's better. And continue to test software tricks.

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2012-09-21 20:50:25

Shaarli on the play store

Just a post (from my nexus7): I have subscribed a Dev account on the play store, and uploaded my first app : so, Shaarly is now on the play store. Shaarli android is an android client for the marvelous Shaarli from sebsauvage.

I plan to release sources on github soon, stay tuned.

BTW, I've bought a nexus7 from Google, and I'm really happy with :-)

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