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8 years ago

grun 0.14

The 0.14 release is out ! There was a big bug in the grun decorator, it should be fixed now. The conf file can be placed in the root app, useful to put grun's apps on usb-key.

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8 years ago

Another bugfix for grun

Here comes the 0.12 release ! Now, grun.popup should work as expected on microsoft's platforms too.

I've uploaded new grun tests too, now they are up-to-date for 0.11/0.12 releases ! And updated the grun's doc a little bit ;-)

Edit : the 0.13 is out

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8 years ago

Grun 0.11

A new version which contains some fix (changelog on pypi), and some improvements :

  • a clipboard manager : to have access to the textual content of the clipboard.
  • popup can now have submenus. And can handle selectable values.
  • new/clean syntax grun.popup() / grun.form(), to remove the named arguments.
  • and for tk widgets : text widgets have scrollbars, combobox is a lot better (the tk real one), and popup menu should work like expected (no more close item)

The grun's doc is up-to-date, but miss some big parts yet !

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8 years ago

Grun, first public release

Grun stands for "Gui Run'ner". It's a python module which is able to turn methods into GUI forms, with a simple decorator. It brings some nifty things to make your script "bling-bling" too (messagebox, prompt, progressbar, popup menu, icon app, config backend ...).

In fact, it's a swiss-knife for making simple frontends for python scripts. It works on all platforms using tkinter, and can use pygtk when available.

It's the first public release, so it should contain bugs. I will try to make it "rock solid", and will release a python3 version too.

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