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2010-02-22 22:05:28

Mise à jour des flux du plugin totem flux

Il y a qques jours j'ai corrigé les flux de certaines radios qui avaient complètement refait leurs pages podcasts (lemouv, rtl, franceinfo et europe1). Et là, je viens de rajouter les podcats vidéos d'arte+7 ! Tout ça côté serveur, donc pas besoin de mettre en place une nouvelle version du plugin. Tout est pris en compte dans l'actuel version du plugin (v0.3.1)

voir totem plugin flux

Bon podcasting !

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2010-02-06 15:33:20

Another quickly project : autowifi

It's an old project I used in my netbook since one year. But I released it under GPL2 licence, thanks to quickly ;-).

It's a simple pygtk application which stays in the gnome systray. It will try to automatize your web-based authentification on free hotspots which support this kind of thing (currently, only freewifi), letting you surf without the hassle of filling a web-based authentification.

See more on AutoWifi's page

The original announce on ubuntu-fr

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2010-02-02 22:32:25

Quickly approved, and my new PPA on launchpad

To test the marvelous quickly : I've done a little application which is able to send files/folders (as a zip archive if needed) to (which is a sharing host service). I called it FreeTP, and it's now available in my new ppa.

Quickly is marvelous : it works as expected. You just have to code your app, and it does all the rest (template, packaging, licensing, source control (thru bzr), debian repository (launchpad)). A real breeze in the world of ubuntu/gnome/gtk/python development ! A lot of time was saved, thanks for that ! I've not taked the time to explore launchpad yet, but it seems it could provide bug tracker, mailinglist, ... great!

I think I will use quickly in the future, for this kind of things.

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2009-12-13 23:06:59

Some private news

Since some days, I play a lot with go, and I find it very pleasant for a static typed language. It brings some really interesting things. I won't switch from python to go. But it's really amazing !

I do a lot of private/hidden things. I'd built my own http-proxy (thru https) on a GAE account, to be able to surf everywhere from my job ;-) (but I won't give you the url, because I don't want to be blocked from webwasher). It's amazing, and it works great.

I've made a GAE site, to be able to code python webapps in a browser (it uses the marvellous editarea editor). It's really amazing and fun to use : it let me code python in any browser. It's a little bit as the old appjet system. But I don't know yet if I will push the concept for everybody.

And I'm working on a packager system, which works where python works ! Mainly to be able to release package which will work on linux and/or windows. It's a little bit as app-get(debian) : build/install/remove works. But I'm working on pre/post scripts, to be able to do a little more. I don't know yet if I will release it, or use it ;-). It's just for fun, because I'd never developed this kind of thing before, but I think it could be interesting in some places.

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2009-12-03 19:53:09

The 0.5 release of GG is out

The 0.5 release of GG is out. It comes with some bugfixes, and a lot of patchs from steve (mainly : "no need to pass pointers to slices or maps, they are basically reference types anyway" ... thanks a lot : I had forgotten that ... and sure: it removes a lot of &/* in the code). There is no new feature ;-(. But I'm still working on a badly named "gg+" which is able to guess the gg'makefile for a set of files (using ast/token package). In fact, I would like to add this kind of feature in GG (but it will double the number of lines, sure ;-), and it's a little bit more complex than expected.

With this new version, GG comes with its own page on this website, which try to explain its features, and how it works. (but I'm agree : I can do a lot better ;-).

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2009-11-24 13:06:45

Mon premier jeu freebox/elixir.

Voilà, c'est fait ;-) Et apparemment, si je regarde la mailing, il semblerait que ça soit peut être le tout premier home made réalisé. Mais bon, ce n'est pas non plus le half-like killer. C'est simplement un clone d'un des jeux d', revu et corrigé pour tourner sous elixir/freebox.

  • Pour une version sonorisée : (mettre le contenu du zip sur le hdd de la freebox)
  • Pour une version sans son : simon.edj (mettre directement le fichier edj sur le disque du de la freebox)

Pour l'exécuter, il suffit de parcourir son disque dur avec la télécommande, et de lancer le fichier "simon" (qui possède un icône "elixir")

Le framework elixir est vraiment plaisant, et puissant ;-), et je lui vois un grand avenir !


  • correction d'un bug qui empêchait la bonne saisie des touches ;-(


  • version francisée et relookée (mais pas sonorisé car ça bug)

EDITTION 25/11 13h30

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2009-11-17 15:01:06

GG in Go language

Finally, I released a version of gg in the go language. It's work as, but uses commandline flags to do a little more (verbose/clear/don't run/full build).

see more

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2009-11-15 15:55:59

Google Go language and the GG builder

Just a quick&dirty builder for go language projects, using the marvelous yaml language. It's named "GG", and it's full of magics. And it let me build my go projects easily, so perhaps it will help you too. It's just a proof of concept, because I don't like make and makefiles, perhaps because all my editors use spaces instead of tabs ;-). I'm pretty sure that GG is not as powerful as make ;-), and it miss some flags in the GG command line (but perhaps in the future ?!). Patches are welcome ;-)

3 modes :

Run one file file.go

Will simply compile, build (executable named file) and run the executable.

Run shebang project

"shebang project", because you can declare your construction in the first line of your script ... using the yaml one line syntax :

if your script file.go starts like that :

//gg:{exe: file.go, module.a: f1.go f2.go f3.go}
package main

and you run : file.go

Will create the "module.a", using fX.go files. And it will build the executable exe with file.go, and run it.

Of course, you can build many executables (or none) or many packages or none. But GG will run the executable only if there is only one !

Run makefile project

If you dont like the bang project, or don't wan't to repeat your construction. You can create a simple yaml file, "" like that :




and run GG like that:


  • It uses your GOARCH/GOBIN environment variables !
  • It needs pyyaml !
  • Released under the terms of the BSD License

Download BUT Now GG is available in the go language

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2009-10-14 05:56:27

Sending mails to GAE

The new release 1.2.6 of the GAE SDK is out. It brings the receiving mail feature ;-). I could talk to my site by mails, in a natural way (no more use of the great external smtp service). It's a good news !

The other great feature is the app's delete. But I will never use it ;-)

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2009-10-10 14:32:55

Totem Plugin Flux 0.3, et serveur central de flux.

Une nouvelle version qui diffère pas mal de la précédente au niveau fonctionnement interne. Maintenant, les flux des podcasts radio/videos (france inter, rtl, ... et C+) sont récupérés sur un serveur web, et non plus en local. Le plugin se connecte à ce serveur pour obtenir les flux disponibles. L'avantage c'est que les flux sont parsés et vérifiés chaque jour, à un endroit unique. Ainsi, pour rajouter des flux, il me suffira de les rajouter côté serveur, et tous les clients ayant le plugin flux sous totem pourront en bénéficier automatiquement des màj.

Canal+ ayant changé récemment ses flux, le plugin ne fonctionnait plus correctement pour ces derniers. Et ce n'est toujours pas le cas, car Canal+ est passé au protocol RTMP. Par conséquent, il faudra attendre que totem dispose d'un plugin RTMP pour avoir lire les podcasts C+ ;-(. Ce plugin n'existe pas à ce jour, mais dès qu'il sera présent (et installé chez vous), tout devrait refonctionner comme avant ;-).

Si jamais vous êtes intéressés par obtenir ces flux (sous forme d'api ou au format json), merci de me contacter. Car il est fort probable que les urls serveurs changent sous peu.

EDIT : Et hop, une version 0.3.1 qui corrige le prob des playlists youtube, tout fonctionne maintenant (modulo un hypothétique plugin rtmp ;-)

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