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2009-11-17 15:01:06

GG in Go language

Finally, I released a version of gg in the go language. It's work as, but uses commandline flags to do a little more (verbose/clear/don't run/full build).

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2009-11-15 15:55:59

Google Go language and the GG builder

Just a quick&dirty builder for go language projects, using the marvelous yaml language. It's named "GG", and it's full of magics. And it let me build my go projects easily, so perhaps it will help you too. It's just a proof of concept, because I don't like make and makefiles, perhaps because all my editors use spaces instead of tabs ;-). I'm pretty sure that GG is not as powerful as make ;-), and it miss some flags in the GG command line (but perhaps in the future ?!). Patches are welcome ;-)

3 modes :

Run one file file.go

Will simply compile, build (executable named file) and run the executable.

Run shebang project

"shebang project", because you can declare your construction in the first line of your script ... using the yaml one line syntax :

if your script file.go starts like that :

//gg:{exe: file.go, module.a: f1.go f2.go f3.go}
package main

and you run : file.go

Will create the "module.a", using fX.go files. And it will build the executable exe with file.go, and run it.

Of course, you can build many executables (or none) or many packages or none. But GG will run the executable only if there is only one !

Run makefile project

If you dont like the bang project, or don't wan't to repeat your construction. You can create a simple yaml file, "" like that :




and run GG like that:


  • It uses your GOARCH/GOBIN environment variables !
  • It needs pyyaml !
  • Released under the terms of the BSD License

Download BUT Now GG is available in the go language

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2009-10-14 05:56:27

Sending mails to GAE

The new release 1.2.6 of the GAE SDK is out. It brings the receiving mail feature ;-). I could talk to my site by mails, in a natural way (no more use of the great external smtp service). It's a good news !

The other great feature is the app's delete. But I will never use it ;-)

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2009-10-10 14:32:55

Totem Plugin Flux 0.3, et serveur central de flux.

Une nouvelle version qui diffère pas mal de la précédente au niveau fonctionnement interne. Maintenant, les flux des podcasts radio/videos (france inter, rtl, ... et C+) sont récupérés sur un serveur web, et non plus en local. Le plugin se connecte à ce serveur pour obtenir les flux disponibles. L'avantage c'est que les flux sont parsés et vérifiés chaque jour, à un endroit unique. Ainsi, pour rajouter des flux, il me suffira de les rajouter côté serveur, et tous les clients ayant le plugin flux sous totem pourront en bénéficier automatiquement des màj.

Canal+ ayant changé récemment ses flux, le plugin ne fonctionnait plus correctement pour ces derniers. Et ce n'est toujours pas le cas, car Canal+ est passé au protocol RTMP. Par conséquent, il faudra attendre que totem dispose d'un plugin RTMP pour avoir lire les podcasts C+ ;-(. Ce plugin n'existe pas à ce jour, mais dès qu'il sera présent (et installé chez vous), tout devrait refonctionner comme avant ;-).

Si jamais vous êtes intéressés par obtenir ces flux (sous forme d'api ou au format json), merci de me contacter. Car il est fort probable que les urls serveurs changent sous peu.

EDIT : Et hop, une version 0.3.1 qui corrige le prob des playlists youtube, tout fonctionne maintenant (modulo un hypothétique plugin rtmp ;-)

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2009-10-05 20:46:38

grun 0.14

The 0.14 release is out ! There was a big bug in the grun decorator, it should be fixed now. The conf file can be placed in the root app, useful to put grun's apps on usb-key.

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2009-10-03 11:17:31

Another bugfix for grun

Here comes the 0.12 release ! Now, grun.popup should work as expected on microsoft's platforms too.

I've uploaded new grun tests too, now they are up-to-date for 0.11/0.12 releases ! And updated the grun's doc a little bit ;-)

Edit : the 0.13 is out

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2009-10-01 21:47:19

Grun 0.11

A new version which contains some fix (changelog on pypi), and some improvements :

  • a clipboard manager : to have access to the textual content of the clipboard.
  • popup can now have submenus. And can handle selectable values.
  • new/clean syntax grun.popup() / grun.form(), to remove the named arguments.
  • and for tk widgets : text widgets have scrollbars, combobox is a lot better (the tk real one), and popup menu should work like expected (no more close item)

The grun's doc is up-to-date, but miss some big parts yet !

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2009-09-28 19:50:49

Grun, first public release

Grun stands for "Gui Run'ner". It's a python module which is able to turn methods into GUI forms, with a simple decorator. It brings some nifty things to make your script "bling-bling" too (messagebox, prompt, progressbar, popup menu, icon app, config backend ...).

In fact, it's a swiss-knife for making simple frontends for python scripts. It works on all platforms using tkinter, and can use pygtk when available.

It's the first public release, so it should contain bugs. I will try to make it "rock solid", and will release a python3 version too.

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2009-09-09 11:50:40

Talking to my site

In the past, I made a sandy-like robot which worked only by email (thanks to smtp2web service), using google calendar as backend.

In the past few days, I updated the code to let it works with XMPP too (thanks to new xmpp service on GAE). And for the fun, I'd added a http frontend too ;-). Since that, I've made some enhancements to add more commands (WakeOnLan, todo backends, ...), and let it looks like a real good robot.

And now : I can talk to my website (this one), by Email, by XMPP and by HTTP, using this same robot ;-)

In the future, always for the fun, I think I will add a twitter and a google wave backend. It's really interesting ;-)

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2009-09-05 08:09:49

Minor release of py2deb

Here is a new release of py2deb. It's a minor release, here is the changelog :

  • now the package install py2deb in the right place for python2.6
  • py2deb accepts pre/post install/remove scripts

Now, I really need to update and release the frontend ... I've got pressure ;-)

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