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back 2015/08/31 13:17

ChromeBook owner

Am I a google addict ?! Perhaps... So forget all what I'll say ;-) I've just bought a 11" ChromeBook (Acer cb3-111, 2go/RAM+32go/SSD), but I don't know why ;-) ?! I've already got an ubuntu desktop, an android tablet & a big phone ... and 2 eee-pc (remember the 701 & 901).

The 701 does a nice NAS Job 24/7, and the 901 is waiting the death of the 701, in a shelve. The tablet is pretty good to surf, and casual gaming. But this chromebook should take the place between the ubuntu desktop and the tablet : but ... no.

Games are a lot better on the desktop, or on the tablet/phone. Coding is a lot better on the desktop, and really poor on the chromebook when offline (except to develop html/javascript/angular app).

So the chromebook is just : a simple, cheap, silent, efficient machine to surf/use the web. It's good at ssh/sftp distant machines too, at desktop remoting, at chromecasting tabs/desktop. It's amazing, but strange.

I should test/install crouton (chroot/ubuntu)... But I'm not ready yet ;-(

edit : I've tested chromebook dev mode (with its warning and annoying boot screen) : I could not live with this ! So, no crouton, no chromebrew ... and no python ;-( ... I will try to live without it, and with all workarounds solutions ;-( (pythonanywhere, skulpt, etc...). I will keep the real chromeos ...

edit : Coding with is just perfect ! Highly configurable (themes, editor's shortcuts, ...), root access and a lot of environnment available.

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