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back 2018/02/18 15:58

AEd always ...

Always not released on github ;-)

But now ... I'm migrating all my websites under a new version ! And this one, was migrated at that time !

The new version is a bit like AEd, but without the ED(itor) ! I've separated the engine and the editor. Now the editor is simply some files, which can be added or not in the engine. It will be a lot easier to make evolutions on the engine, or on the editor.

It's a little bit the story of the chicken and the egg. Coz now, I can edit the editor, in the editor itself (but can broke it too ;-). So I needed a way to communicate with the engine to re-deploy files (ex:the editor files) on-the-go ;-)

And now, everything is greatly tested with reqman; some tests for the engine, some tests for the editor. It saves me a lot of time, and allowed me to delete the python code dedicated to it. ;-)

But for sure, it's gonna be more complicated to explain what "aed" really is. Nothing the name doesn't make much sense anymore. There is no longer an integrated editor. Perhaps it's the time to find a good name for all these things.

All this makes it possible to have a website editor, available in any browser. The engine manage the distribution/execution of files (on an appengine account or anywhere else) over http. And the editor is the GUI which gives the life to all the thing.

EDIT 27/02/2018 : all my sites use this new thing ... migration was slow, but wanted to be sure to not make an error ;-) ... Special mention to On-The which is the root which is able to resend a fresh/functionnal "ed's app" to the others ;-)

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