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2023/11/14 11:53

htag android apk

The original recipe to build an android/apk didn't work for some months. So I dive into another way, and now there is a new recipe, which use the buildozer docker image.

Seems to be the best way, because google changes a lot of things, and buildozer follow the changes frequently. So i decided to use the right way of building an apk, using the latest changes from buildozer git.

The recipe is still there ... but the manual way is a lot simpler, using my new command line ! It should work on any linux box (no windows!) But it's a lot simpler/faster !

And it should be more solid than the github action, which is currently broken ;-(

Hope it will live long !

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2013/06/14 06:51

AngularJS + WebApp on mobile platforms

Since my last post about android dev, times have changed ;-). I've made two mainstream apps. The last one reach the place #78 of the "top new free" on the playStore, during 1 day ;-)

Native apps are "fun" to developp, except the fact that I've never used newest widgets/api, cause I was targeting a large panel of android's versions. I've played a lot with Eclipse Env, and the play store console. It's amazing, but it's definitively not my cup of tea. What a pain to write so many boilerplate lines of code to make a so simple httprequest (java pain), or to parse a json object !

So, I'm back in the web development. I found something that is really interesting (and it sweet my needs), because it can cover every (html5-)platforms ;-)

Here is a recipe :

  • Take a good cloud platform, like GAE, to serve a website.
  • Code your backends using httprequests/json(p), in the CRUD style
  • Make your website with main html5 features : appcache, localStorage, canvas, workers, etc ...
  • Use and abuse of AngularJS in your html5 pages, to make a rich client side easily.
  • Code your look'n'feel with responsive design patterns (and css3), to adapt your screen to yours audiences.
  • Optionally, make phonegap bootstraps, to give better experience on some devices (ex: android, to remove the navigation bar of chrome ;-) )
  • Optionally, you can have access to peripherals thru phonegap/cordova.js.

So you can make (web)apps, which work offline (using localstorage) or online (using your json backends), which work on every platforms in the same manner, which are easier to re-deploy. Everything is not perfect yet, but it's definitively the way to go. Thanks to angularjs which provide a simple way (MVC) to create complex objects to interact with users (it's the perfect approach, while waiting for the webcomponents).

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2012/11/18 09:51

I'am a nexus guy now

After buying a nexus 7 at the end of the summer. I'm now an happy user of the nexus 4. A great phone from Google, with a poor battery life (my Acer metal liquid was better). But I presume/hope it's a software trouble, because the optimus lg has not this trouble. Despite this, the android experience can't be better: the phone is marvelous. And android 4.2 is great, the new keyboard with swipe feature is perfect (this is typed from my n7). The nexus 4 is a lot faster than the 7: amazing. But I think I will root it to be able to decrease the power of the processor, to gain more juice :-) I really don't need all this power. I will wait for 4.2.1, to see if it's better. And continue to test software tricks.

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2012/09/21 20:50

Shaarli on the play store

Just a post (from my nexus7): I have subscribed a Dev account on the play store, and uploaded my first app : so, Shaarly is now on the play store. Shaarli android is an android client for the marvelous Shaarli from sebsauvage.

I plan to release sources on github soon, stay tuned.

BTW, I've bought a nexus7 from Google, and I'm really happy with :-)

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2012/07/03 14:57

Shaarli APK

I was a big fan of in the past. When yahoo decided to shutdown it : I moved to diigo, like a lot of users.

For 3 months, I moved all to Shaarli, which is the same thing, but without the social bookmarking side. Shaarli is perfect in many points (like many products of sebsauvage, which is a python fan, like me ;-) ) !

Being a happy user of an android device, I really needed an way to bookmark links in shaarli, from my device. In less than one hour, I reach to produce an apk heavily based on this tutorial, without having done any android application before (just to say, that android dev is really easy). The app seems to do the job, and is available from a sebsauvage post, you can grab it here.

It is the first release that I sent to Sebsauvage. I don't make any updates since that day. I don't know how many shaarli's users use it. I don't see any evolutions to do (but perhaps you ?). It's free, and not available from the google play store (but perhaps one day, coz' I plan to take an account for my others apks).

It's really simple : run the app to configure your main shaarli'url. At the first share (*), shaarli will ask your account before posting. Next shares will bring you immediatly on the post page.

(*): It uses the share hook system of android's os. At any place where you can share an url, shaarli should appear in the sharing list.

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2012/05/14 10:01

Adroid dev

Since I've got an android device, I try to developp on it. I've tried Kivy, which is a little more than an android framework ;-). It's really multiplatforms, but target multi-touch devices. It's pretty cool to be able to developp powerful app with the python language. The only big downside, is that the size of the resulting package/apk : at less 6mb ;-(

I've tried PhoneGap (with JQM), which is a java boostrap app running a webview, letting you code your app with javascript and html5 features (html, canvas, audio/video, persistent datas,...). Phonegap provides javascript's api to access core features of the android device. It's a good choice for multiplatforms too ! The size of a resulting package/apk starts at 120kb, which is far decent !

Yesterday, I've tried the SDK/ADT android java framework in Eclipse. Forget the multiplatform ;-), but it's really powerful, and let you do what you want, in a great development context/ide. It's really easy to code/test and see the result immediately. I will stick with that ! The size of a resulting package/apk starts at 10kb ;-).

I've made an App which consumes JSON http request/response to build its own interface (button, checkbox, searchbox, spinner, ...). In fact, the same thing I've made in LUA for my squeezeboxes, 10 months ago. I've made a phonegap and a native one for my android. The native version is really really responsive, looks better/real (coz native), and consumes less memory/cpu.

No android apps to release here, because they only works in my LAN. But I should ask my self, if I should release "My Json Server protocol", which can deliver some UI actions, because I've got 3 clients now: a web version (with jqm), an android one, and a squeezebox applet ;-). With this thing, you can easily setup a server which "do some things", and control it from a browser, an android or a squeezebox ;-) ... does anyone is interested?

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