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2009/12/03 19:53

The 0.5 release of GG is out

The 0.5 release of GG is out. It comes with some bugfixes, and a lot of patchs from steve (mainly : "no need to pass pointers to slices or maps, they are basically reference types anyway" ... thanks a lot : I had forgotten that ... and sure: it removes a lot of &/* in the code). There is no new feature ;-(. But I'm still working on a badly named "gg+" which is able to guess the gg'makefile for a set of files (using ast/token package). In fact, I would like to add this kind of feature in GG (but it will double the number of lines, sure ;-), and it's a little bit more complex than expected.

With this new version, GG comes with its own page on this website, which try to explain its features, and how it works. (but I'm agree : I can do a lot better ;-).

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2009/11/17 15:01

GG in Go language

Finally, I released a version of gg in the go language. It's work as, but uses commandline flags to do a little more (verbose/clear/don't run/full build).

see more

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2009/11/15 15:55

Google Go language and the GG builder

Just a quick&dirty builder for go language projects, using the marvelous yaml language. It's named "GG", and it's full of magics. And it let me build my go projects easily, so perhaps it will help you too. It's just a proof of concept, because I don't like make and makefiles, perhaps because all my editors use spaces instead of tabs ;-). I'm pretty sure that GG is not as powerful as make ;-), and it miss some flags in the GG command line (but perhaps in the future ?!). Patches are welcome ;-)

3 modes :

Run one file file.go

Will simply compile, build (executable named file) and run the executable.

Run shebang project

"shebang project", because you can declare your construction in the first line of your script ... using the yaml one line syntax :

if your script file.go starts like that :

//gg:{exe: file.go, module.a: f1.go f2.go f3.go}
package main

and you run : file.go

Will create the "module.a", using fX.go files. And it will build the executable exe with file.go, and run it.

Of course, you can build many executables (or none) or many packages or none. But GG will run the executable only if there is only one !

Run makefile project

If you dont like the bang project, or don't wan't to repeat your construction. You can create a simple yaml file, "" like that :




and run GG like that:


  • It uses your GOARCH/GOBIN environment variables !
  • It needs pyyaml !
  • Released under the terms of the BSD License

Download BUT Now GG is available in the go language

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