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2009/01/25 22:06

Cowon iAudio D2 flashmap generator

I'm a new happy user of the Cowon iAudio D2 device. I wanted to use the flashmap viewer of Chrieg, because the D2 is a flash lite compliant device too ;-)

So I'd build a little script which is able to convert any images in a "flash folder ready-to-use" on the D2. This is a python script which use PIL Image to generate jpeg tiles according Chrieg's flashmap specs. It generates a folder with the Chrieg's flashmap v2 and the map. Put this folder in your "D2 flash folder", and run its "view.swf".

The script is here : d2flashmap

Btw, now, it's a lot lot easier to generate a "flashmap map" on the linux platform ;-)

Big thanks to Chrieg for his flashmap !

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