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2019/01/02 22:06 quits GAE

If you see that, you are on my new hosting service (thanks !)

After many years on GoogleAppEngine : I leave ;-)

Like I said in the previous post, py3/gae is no more an option. It's a lot more expensive than the py2/gae. This website has a little traffic, and it runned well on py2/gae, under free quotas. Now, in its py3 version, it's more than $40/month ! Don't want to come back to py2 : so no other option than migrate to another hosting provider, with free quotas.

It's done, easily (thanks to pye) ! Just copied/pasted the files, and migrate my db from gcloud datastore to simple yaml files ;-)

BTW, I certainly won't release ibraining (new version) on gae/py3 ... I stop the process. I will need to find another provider too ;-)

EDIT 2019-01-03 : Everythings seems to work, and jbrout has reached its original hosting domain : !

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2017/10/30 17:04

iBraining is HTTPS ready, yet !

It was very hard to setup it for https, thru the google console ;-)

But now, it works great with https

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2015/12/11 17:05

iBraining goes mobile

It's a big day, It's nearly Christmas ! iBraining is now (nearly) fully playable on smartdevices (phones, tablets, small screens, ...).

It's not a big rewrite from scratch (like I planned), not a SPA app, not riotjs/angular* powered! I've just hacked the html/css to be a responsive app, to adapt itself to smallest screens. It should do the job.

Desktop version continues to work ;-), just small changes in the front.

Hope everything will continue to work for everybody.

PS: I will continue to work on it in the future days (mainly : better rendering).

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2015/11/04 18:31

RiotJs : I'm fan

It makes 5 deys since I've discovered RiotJS :-)

It's perfect (there are some glitchs, but nothing annoying). You can clearly concentrate on your code/app, and not fight with the framework. It's pretty convention over configuration (it's sadly not the case of angular2). It fits my brain, and I am clearly more efficient with it ;-). And it's pretty easy to use others js libs, without a wrapper.

I've started to recode with riotjs. So the angularJS version will never reach the online state ;-). I've redone all my game components in less than 8hours. Pretty nice :-)

And my chromebook, with caret, is perfect tool to develop with RiotJS (angular2 dev is more complex on chromebook).

Here is my first riot online app (it's nothing, coded in 20min). It's a scratchpad to code python things. It works offline, uses 4 buffers (saved locally), and CTRL+RETURN is a shortcut to run the code. Thanks to skulpt.

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2014/05/01 14:46

iBraining in the angular way

I'm totally mad ... I recode iBraining from scratch. This is a big job ;-)

It was coded with GAE/python25/webpy/mako/html4/jquery ... I go with GAE/python27/bottle/html5/angularjs. And it will target desktop and smart devices.

But i'm really a big fan of AngularJS, and can't imagine to continue without it ;-)

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2011/11/12 16:04

Experiencing the billing system of GAE

Since some days, reach the limit of the free quotas on google app engine. And it was not always available ;-)

It's my first GAE website which goes seriously out of the free quotas. And I've decided to inject some dollars in the billing system.

It's Time to pay the service ;-)

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2009/11/24 13:06

Mon premier jeu freebox/elixir.

Voilà, c'est fait ;-) Et apparemment, si je regarde la mailing, il semblerait que ça soit peut être le tout premier home made réalisé. Mais bon, ce n'est pas non plus le half-like killer. C'est simplement un clone d'un des jeux d', revu et corrigé pour tourner sous elixir/freebox.

  • Pour une version sonorisée : (mettre le contenu du zip sur le hdd de la freebox)
  • Pour une version sans son : simon.edj (mettre directement le fichier edj sur le disque du de la freebox)

Pour l'exécuter, il suffit de parcourir son disque dur avec la télécommande, et de lancer le fichier "simon" (qui possède un icône "elixir")

Le framework elixir est vraiment plaisant, et puissant ;-), et je lui vois un grand avenir !


  • correction d'un bug qui empêchait la bonne saisie des touches ;-(


  • version francisée et relookée (mais pas sonorisé car ça bug)

EDITTION 25/11 13h30

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2008/09/01 06:36

Big day for ibraining

Two days after my last post. iBraining has now a reminder system, which works. It's able to send mail/reminder to any user which suscribe for. It's now features complete (like I wanted at the beginning ;-) ), until new ideas.

Sure, it's not GAE which do that, with its own limitations : no cron, no massmailer (only 3 to 5 mails by minutes are allowed). I had setup another web service on alwaysdata (wonderful python hosting service), which communicate with ibraining main site, in a restful way. It's a little bit complex, compare to a native solution, but a lot easier than if it was done on gae.

But it's a big day (and it's the 1st september). Users can now setup a "coach", to help them to train regularly. The next big thing is a new game.

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2008/08/30 07:49

Some news

Google had just released a Google App Engine Cookbook, and I had added a recipe How-to put any python object in a DataStore ;-), and find a lots of usefull tricks.

I really need to release a version of jbrout 0.3, which use exiv2, with the pyexiv2 python bindings. Just need to find the time !

I've got a new secretary : sandy ;-). I really like the concept behind this appointment/reminder service. You can manage easily your appointments by mail. It's just what I needed. And the best thing : you can snooze a reminder ;-) (which is boring on google agenda)

I really love the apis of google. Here is a simple translator using the google translate javascript api. It's amazing how it's simple.

Except that, ibraining is updated each week. Recently, new modal popups, new graphics ... And in a near future : a new game. And perhaps a way to set a reminder to remember to play regularly (But GAE doesn't allow to send more than 5 mails by minutes ;-( )

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2008/07/02 20:45

iBraining is new

A lot of changes on iBraining ! Yesterday I had pushed a new revision with lots of changes. The home page is lighter. In fact, a lot of "403 over quotas" were presents. So I decided to review completly the page, to make less database calls (it seems they are always presents ;-( ). A new game appears : "colors". And a new google adsense tower is now present on the page's right (need to pay the domain name and perhaps "more quotas" in the future).

I really need to profile my app, to avoid theses "over quotas" (I had already profiled it, but except the google api calls : I really don't understand where the real problem is). BTW, Google App Engine is really great.

update 21/07/2008 : no more 403 quotas exceeded. After some profiling I had removed problems.

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