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2021/10/24 10:16

brython, wyc and nim

There is no clues between theses ^^ But just a title to give some news ;-)

Recently, I tried brython, and now : I can't imagine coding client side without brython. This tool is marvelous. And it goes better and better (tried some years ago, when it was a toy). Currently, it's defenitively not a toy. But a real alternative ! And what a pleasure to use the same language on both side !

In the same idea ... I've released wyc, a python module to transpile python's classes to HTML Custom Elements (web components). So I can make web components in python. And can reuse them in client side, with brython or anything else. It's perfect. The standards are the ways ! (now, I can't imagine goes with vuejs or other js frameworks)

And Nim, which sell a bunch of promises ... was disapointing, for me (at first). I tried to redone my sudoku resolver with nim ... and seems to be 10x slower than python3 ;-(

EDIT: since, My nim version wasn't optimized ... Now, it's clearly faster than python3 ;-)

BTW nimpy is incredible ... you can make external python modules in seconds ...

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2021/06/06 12:14

pye is out ;-)

Nobody was waiting for it (except me ;-) )

pye is just the main tool I use, for 8years, to develop things on the web. I always wanted to share it to the world... and now : it's real !

It's now a Docker Image named 'pye', based on the github pye !

It's wildly simpler to release it like that, because It can be tested/runned in seconds. Without a docker image, I should have to write a lot of docs to setup the full stack, and It could be very difficult to reach to run it. Here : it just works ... in a near perfect container. Multiprocessed with gunicorn, multithreaded(ASGI) with uvicorn/uvloop ... and all the stack to be able to compile vuejs python components, develop fastapi ressources, use websockets with IPC, etc ... in a "convenient" web editor.

BTW, the pye app code is "AS IS"; I use it "as this" on my nas, on my gae accounts, on my hostings providers (and can transfer app from one to others without pain). (I ddon't use the docker version yet .... but will !)

But for sure, there miss A LOT of docs, to be able, to anybody, to understand all the features added during 8years.

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2020/04/24 11:03

guy & reqman : big releases

First post of 2020 ;-)

guy (0.6) & reqman (2.4) were released. Big changes in theses 2 modules. But compatibility is here ;-) (see respectives

Confinement is good, but less time to explain more ;-)

Now, I should explain all changes in the respectives documentations (guy and reqman). Lot of work ;-(

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2019/11/16 11:03

guy is out & glitch is marvelous

Just a post to announce the guy's release! on Guy's Github and on Guy's Pypi

BTW guy's working very well on !

I'm in love with, which is the perfect platform for all my tests ;-) it's my new playground ;-)

Just migrate the Guy's Docs, the Reqman's Docs. And installed a reqman's online showcase (which is a guy's app, using vbuild, and serving python's vuejs components)

My atomic bombers remake is available too (in progress)

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2019/09/09 19:09

reqman2 is out

Reqman2 is out on pypi, Reqman2 is out on github !

The old one : reqman1 is dead ;-)

But the V2 is fully compatible with reqman1 conf/yml !

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2019/08/16 19:05

reqman2 & guy

I've recoded reqman from scratch. No new features ;-) Just a complete rewrite. It's now more readable and maintenable. It was needed, because I would like to add more features : and theses features were too hard to implement in 1.X version. The V2 is not released yet : but soon (need tests!!) !

wuy is dead, replaced by guy. The name is better ;-) It's a full rewrite too ;-). But focused on app-mode only. It's more robust, and fix the flaws of wuy. The major new feature is : android compatibility ! The same guy's app source works on windows, linux, mac & android (perhaps iOS one day), without changing a bit ! It's 95% compatible with wuy's app, just need to rename wuy to guy ;-). Like reqman, nothing is released yet ... but soon.

Regarding android compatibility : in fact, it run the client side in a webview, embedded in a kivy/python app. The serverside is pure python3, with tornado/asyncio inside. And released in a apk, with buildozer. It works great. Thanks minipy for giving me the way to do that ;-)

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2019/03/07 21:41

pew & pytest are marvelous

Regarding my last post, there are 2 new tools that I use and abuse ;-)

I like virtualenv, I used it sometimes ... but pew fits better my needs. I really like the features, and found it a lot more useful; I can create envs to share with multiple projects. It's exactly the kind of tool you can't stop to use after using it ;-)

My current python stack, under my ubuntu, is completely broken (due to mixing apt-get/pip). Pew helps me to create clean python's env on demands. (But sure, one day; I will try to repair my debian like ;-)

pytest is the second tool I like a lot, and regret not having used it earlier ! It's clearly the way to create/manage tests in a project. I love the fixtures injection, it let us create simple (but powerful) tests, without all the hassle. tests are a lot easier to read, to maintain. Can't be simpler ;-)

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2019/02/24 11:43

Upgraded my python stack

Thanks to sam&max ;-)

I've upgraded my stack, at least for vbuild, but sure: my others projects will follow ;-)

  • poetry for package management
  • pytest for tests
  • tox for automation (tests for me only)
  • black for formatting (pep8)
  • pew to manually manage python env

What a fresh breeze !

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2019/01/02 22:06 quits GAE

If you see that, you are on my new hosting service (thanks !)

After many years on GoogleAppEngine : I leave ;-)

Like I said in the previous post, py3/gae is no more an option. It's a lot more expensive than the py2/gae. This website has a little traffic, and it runned well on py2/gae, under free quotas. Now, in its py3 version, it's more than $40/month ! Don't want to come back to py2 : so no other option than migrate to another hosting provider, with free quotas.

It's done, easily (thanks to pye) ! Just copied/pasted the files, and migrate my db from gcloud datastore to simple yaml files ;-)

BTW, I certainly won't release ibraining (new version) on gae/py3 ... I stop the process. I will need to find another provider too ;-)

EDIT 2019-01-03 : Everythings seems to work, and jbrout has reached its original hosting domain : !

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2019/01/02 18:06

GAE + py3 = top expensive

Happy new year 2019 ...

My new year has made a faulty start ;-) Just got the first fully facture, from Google, for this website !

December 2018 was more than 42$ ... ouchhhhh !

So I will block the facturation, and this site will be available only when under quotas ;-) Sorry for that, but I couldn't spend this each month ;-)

BTW, this site will quit GAE soon, for a cheaper hosting service ;-)

Til that, it will be available randomly, really sorry (but I don't want to put ads to pay the traffic) ;-(

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