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2010/08/15 12:40

Simon dans le freestore

Il fallait que je test l'appstore de la freebox. C'est chose faite, Simon est maintenant disponible (gratuitement) dans le freestore. Les heureux possesseurs de freebox le trouveront dans la section jeux/gratuit.

Ça redonne envie de s'y remettre, à la programmation elixir sur freebox ;-)

Sinon, j'aime beaucoup BounceBox

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2010/06/28 18:38

Autowifi should work again with freewifi

Sorry for that ! It seems it makes some times since autowifi couldn't autologin on freewifi hotspots. In fact, made some changes in the authent process, and autowifi was broken for 1 or 2 months (?!). In daylife, I use only FON spots, so I never saw this bug, sorry ;-)

Now it should be corrected with 0.1-public23 release for lucid.

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2010/05/14 11:26

Snippets offline and Html5

I'm a big fan of snippets concepts ;-). I'd always used snippets web sites. I'd started with dzone. I'd switched to But this last one is dead ... and I'd switched to, which is a great service (with lot of external tools, and great api). But I always needed to developp my own backends, to use them offline (komodo snippets file, gsnip (popup menu for inserting snippets in an editor), html file, xmpp/mail bot...).

Now, it's over ;-) I had switched to my own, which is a app engine website, which works online and offline, and sync enabled (thanks to newest html5 features). No need to say that it fits my needs. My snippets will always be available, at least, for me ;-) ... There is now a "snippets link" at the bottom of my website.

I don't know if I will get the force to make it available for everyone too. But it's perfect for me.

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2010/04/30 14:52

Atomic Bombers in html5

I've made a remake of my old game Atomic Bombers for html5 compatible browsers. The original game was developped during the mid 90s, under the label Mary Poppins and the Calgary's legion, on an Amiga500 using seka assembler (680x0). It's always available as ADF format for UAE/Amiga. It was a clone of dynablaster. For the background, I'd started to make it, because I wanted to play at more than 2 players. A lot of fun/original features was added during its live. And a Windows/pc version (from a friend) came out in 2000.

This new version is not feature complete yet, and miss some sounds. But it's a question of time ;-). It uses the graphics from the windows/pc version. Graphics were done by my brother (amiga and windows version). The main purpose of this version was to test if it was possible to make this game in a browser (using html5/javascript). The result is fairly good (from my point of vue ;-). And It seems to work on old configs too ;-).

I'd like to make an online multiplayer version (using html5/websocket), but I need to wait that google appengine provide a websocket support ;-). Currently, it supports up to 4 local players on the keyboard (and keys can be configured locally).

A nice thing is the atomic bombers online editor, which let everybody (with a google account) the ability to create/test its own grids. All goods grids will be included in the real game part.

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2010/04/15 16:36

Flash will die ... long live to html5 ;-)

These last days, I'm playing a lot with HTML5 features. And I really believe/hope that Adobe Flash will die. Some news like that or that go in the same way. Video platforms are on the good way, see youtube or dailymotion!

Try theses experiments in compatible browsers, or this wonderful NES emulator in full javascript ... Everything seems possible : quake2 in html5 browsers !

Websocket, webworkers and offline features are others great html5 features, to be able to replace flash ! (others html5 features on html5demos)

I play a lot with websockets in eventlet, but nothing to present here, because I'm waiting for the GAE support ;-) (don't want to setup an external websocket server). But it's really amazing to be able to communicate in the 2 ways !

I've made a little game : cavepilot using canvas (my record is 44seconds, and yours ?)! In the future, I'd like to make it two players with websocket support.

And a fun thing to make orbits !!!

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2010/02/22 22:05

Mise à jour des flux du plugin totem flux

Il y a qques jours j'ai corrigé les flux de certaines radios qui avaient complètement refait leurs pages podcasts (lemouv, rtl, franceinfo et europe1). Et là, je viens de rajouter les podcats vidéos d'arte+7 ! Tout ça côté serveur, donc pas besoin de mettre en place une nouvelle version du plugin. Tout est pris en compte dans l'actuel version du plugin (v0.3.1)

voir totem plugin flux

Bon podcasting !

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2010/02/06 15:33

Another quickly project : autowifi

It's an old project I used in my netbook since one year. But I released it under GPL2 licence, thanks to quickly ;-).

It's a simple pygtk application which stays in the gnome systray. It will try to automatize your web-based authentification on free hotspots which support this kind of thing (currently, only freewifi), letting you surf without the hassle of filling a web-based authentification.

See more on AutoWifi's page

The original announce on ubuntu-fr

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2010/02/02 22:32

Quickly approved, and my new PPA on launchpad

To test the marvelous quickly : I've done a little application which is able to send files/folders (as a zip archive if needed) to (which is a sharing host service). I called it FreeTP, and it's now available in my new ppa.

Quickly is marvelous : it works as expected. You just have to code your app, and it does all the rest (template, packaging, licensing, source control (thru bzr), debian repository (launchpad)). A real breeze in the world of ubuntu/gnome/gtk/python development ! A lot of time was saved, thanks for that ! I've not taked the time to explore launchpad yet, but it seems it could provide bug tracker, mailinglist, ... great!

I think I will use quickly in the future, for this kind of things.

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2009/12/13 23:06

Some private news

Since some days, I play a lot with go, and I find it very pleasant for a static typed language. It brings some really interesting things. I won't switch from python to go. But it's really amazing !

I do a lot of private/hidden things. I'd built my own http-proxy (thru https) on a GAE account, to be able to surf everywhere from my job ;-) (but I won't give you the url, because I don't want to be blocked from webwasher). It's amazing, and it works great.

I've made a GAE site, to be able to code python webapps in a browser (it uses the marvellous editarea editor). It's really amazing and fun to use : it let me code python in any browser. It's a little bit as the old appjet system. But I don't know yet if I will push the concept for everybody.

And I'm working on a packager system, which works where python works ! Mainly to be able to release package which will work on linux and/or windows. It's a little bit as app-get(debian) : build/install/remove works. But I'm working on pre/post scripts, to be able to do a little more. I don't know yet if I will release it, or use it ;-). It's just for fun, because I'd never developed this kind of thing before, but I think it could be interesting in some places.

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2009/12/03 19:53

The 0.5 release of GG is out

The 0.5 release of GG is out. It comes with some bugfixes, and a lot of patchs from steve (mainly : "no need to pass pointers to slices or maps, they are basically reference types anyway" ... thanks a lot : I had forgotten that ... and sure: it removes a lot of &/* in the code). There is no new feature ;-(. But I'm still working on a badly named "gg+" which is able to guess the gg'makefile for a set of files (using ast/token package). In fact, I would like to add this kind of feature in GG (but it will double the number of lines, sure ;-), and it's a little bit more complex than expected.

With this new version, GG comes with its own page on this website, which try to explain its features, and how it works. (but I'm agree : I can do a lot better ;-).

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